Melchior Imboden (1956)

Melk Imboden was born in Stans in 1956. After completing an apprenticeship as a decorator, he continued to work in this trade until 1984. As a photographer, he would travel around the Mediterranean. After studying graphic design at the school of art and design in Lucerne (1984–1989), he worked as an assistant art director in Zurich. The photos of his subsequent trip to South America were displayed in prominent museums both in Switzerland and abroad. From 1992, Imboden worked as a freelance graphic designer and photographer while also teaching both disciplines at Swiss design schools. He later also worked as a lecturer and guest professor at universities in Karlsruhe and Berlin, as well as appearing on judging panels around the world. In stark contrast to his urban landscapes, Imboden created an impressive set of bold posters reflecting the rural culture of central Switzerland. His affiliation with his home country is also evident in his highly acclaimed volume of photographs ‘Die Nidwaldner Gesichter’ (1992) (‘The faces of Nidwalden’). Further photographic masterpieces and awards were to follow. In 1998, Melk Imboden became a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). His book ‘Designer Portraits’, a collaboration with graphic artist Jianping He published in 2007, looks at important designers from around the world, featuring examples of their work and their photographic portraits.