Beat Keusch (1953)

Zug-born Beat Keusch trained as a graphic designer for four years at the design school in Lucerne (1973–1977). He then worked at GGK, a Basel advertising agency belonging to the creative avant-garde movement of the time, until 1981. After this he spent eleven years as Art Director of Stalder & Suter, which was set up by two former GGK employees. In 1992, he set up his own business under the name ‘Beat Keusch Visuelle Kommunikation’ (‘Beat Keusch Visual Communication’). He himself has said that he doesn’t possess any particular graphic style, simply a clear approach which allows him to shape content into the right form. No two works of his are alike, despite spanning almost all the disciplines of visual communication. The collection of works given to us comprises conventional media, including his long-standing campaigns for Theater Basel, as well as commissions to design a museum, signage and selected examples showcasing his talent for book design.

‘Beat Keusch belongs to that category of graphic designers who enter into a dialogue with the client and work away at a problem until the spark of inspiration strikes and the solution is found’, said Martin Heller, commenting on the designer at the launch of his book, published by Niggli Verlag.