Hans Tomamichel (1899–1984)

Born in Bosco Gurin, the painter and graphic designer Hans Tomamichel began his apprenticeship at M. und C. Annen graph. art. Atelier in Zurich in 1914. In 1925, he undertook further training as a painter in Paris. He then began his career as a freelance graphic designer in Zurich, working for clients such as Knorr, Globus and Nestlé as well as local customers. It was during this time that Tomamichel designed the legendary logo of Nestlé’s Fip-Fop children’s club (1932); later, he would go on to create the immortal ‘Knorrli’ (1947). He designed stamps and created works for the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939 that embraced Switzerland’s ‘spiritual defence’ movement. Many of Tomamichel’s creations were produced for Caritas in Zurich. In addition Hans Tomamichel co-founded the Swiss graphic arts association (Schweizer Grafiker Verband).